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We want to add data recording to several of these units, but do not see any com ports in the control panel, and have had no luck getting information on retrofitting such from the manufacturer. Anyone done this with these units? We use them for long term life cycle testing and need to be able to track the conditions such as temp, humidity, alarms, etc. Please respond if you have any suggestions (

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Hi Bill, 

We're often asked to log data in incubators/frdges etc here to check growth conditions as the readouts on the equipment are not always that accurate.  We use indipendent Rotronic loggers which we callibrate here.  They record temp and humidity to and SD card which then needs to be downloaded.  

Not sure if this is of any use but thats how we monitor things here short term.

Longterm we use a more sophisticated network which provide constant logging and real time access to all data on all monitored units.

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Thanks for the response. We are supplying Specview SCADA software, probably representative of the upper level datalogging you mentioned, which provides extensive real-time logging and also allows operator intervention in response to the various alerts and alarms used to control the system environment. We were interested to see if anyone had done a control overlay in these chambers, as it looks to us as though there is no built-in comms capability, and we'll likely have to install additionalsensors/controllers in order to implement our datalogging software.