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Hi, to whom it may concern

I am chemist from ABC testing INC Irvine CA, and I am doing validation test PF7. I have trouble with validation test and wish that anyone can help me. The validation test must be on 3 levels which are high level, Mid level, and low level. The 4 elements test are As, Hg, Cd, and Pb and I have trouble with concentration that list on CA state law. The concentration of inhalable Cannabis are Cd = 0.2 Pb = 0.5 As = 0.2 and Hg = 0.1 the Other cannabis goods are Cd = 0.5 Pd = 0.5 As = 1.5 Hg = 3.0 I my PF7 instrument limitation dont read that high conc. It is only read conc at low level like 10 ppb up to 40 ppb for Pb. is there anyone has same problems like i have and please advise. my email