correct DIC prism for water immersion lens, Nikon

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Replied to colupaika's post on April 8th, 2019

I need advice on choosing the correct DIC condenser prism form a water immersion lens.

Microscope: Nikon E800


1) NIKON FLUOR 60X / 1.00 DIC H

2) NIKON FLUOR 40X / 0.75 DIC M/N2  

Condenser: C-CU  DRY 0.9  


Nikon has two kinds of condenser DIC prisms, marked for Dry or Oil, but not for water. Which kind I should use in this case for each of the objectives?


My current idea is to use  NIKON DIC-H CONDENSER PRISM FOR HIGH NA DRY 0.9 for 40x objective.  


Would it also fit 60x, or should I get other prism for 60x, like NIKON MH X2 DIC-NH CONDENSER PRISM FOR HIGH NA OIL 1.4 ?   


Grateful for any suggestions.