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After initiating the method, the GC septum purge flow refuse to attain its set point of 3ml/min. Septum Purge flow remain stagnant on 0.1ml/min without increasing any further, and eventually shutdown after a few minutes.

Please what could be wrong?

Please find below the set points for my GC with the actual (current) readings indicated in parenthesis.

Front Inlet Parameter

Mode= split;

Temp = 150 degC;

Pressure= 23.97 psi;

Split ratio= 10;

Split flow= 34.69ml/min (actual= 37.56)

Septum purge = 3ml/min (actual= 0.1ml/min)

Gas saver ON

Saver flow =20 ml/min

Saver time = 2 mins

Note that when i disable the septum purge, the GC does not shutdown but as soon as i put the septum purge ON, the GC shutdown in safe mode.

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It is likely the EPC module. As I recall the only calibration option is to zero out the flow for the septum purge, if that doesn't work I would look at replacing it. Dan
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Replied to Dan Ste.Marie's post on May 17th, 2019

Thanks Dan!

The septum purge is working fine now after the EPC was changed out