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Hello, we have a problem with an ultracentrifuge L8 70M, we enter the parameters of temperature, speed, time, and when turning on the vacuum pump the NOTM error appears on the display and the alarm sound is heard,  nothing else can be done and the run not start, on the temperature display appear  - -. - , the actual temperature of the camera is not displayed.

I already exchanged a temperature control board and the camera´s temperature sensor but the problem continues, the power supply voltage are OK, any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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The camera's temperature sensor?  Are you referring to the radiometer temperature sensor?  You may also have a problem on Board #9, the one with all of the solid state relays.  In addition, there could be a problem with the CPU board.  There were also known issues with both T1001 and L1001 on the slide out chassis.  What happens if you pull the connector off of the top of the temperature control board and then move the switch to it's two different positions?  Do you then get any readout in the temperature display?  Get back to me when you can.