How to realize automatic water absorption of water ring vacuum pump

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Water ring vacuum pump automatic water absorption process, the first need to have suction power, to help the water absorption tool to achieve this process, for water ring vacuum pump, we can also use some methods to achieve this process:

1, water ring vacuum pump water storage can be placed nearby, and make the bottom of the bucket slightly higher than the water ring vacuum pump outlet; Or when a pool is built on one side of the water-ring vacuum pump room, the bottom of the pool is lowered slightly to form a reservoir. Connect the bucket (or pool) to the pump body filling hole with a hose. Before shutdown, use the water from the outlet pipe to fill the bucket for standby use. When starting the water ring vacuum pump next time, it can fill the bucket with water by itself. This method is easy to use

2. Remove the muffler of the small engine by using the engine exhaust pumping vacuum water charging method, install the special waste gas water diversion device, and use the exhaust gas discharged in the working process of the engine to extract the air, so that the water ring vacuum pump can generate a certain vacuum degree. During operation, start the engine first, then press down the handle of the waste gas water diversion device, close the exhaust outlet, exhaust gas from the engine is discharged through the exhaust gas nozzle, due to the high efflux speed and low pressure of waste gas, thus producing suction effect

A cylindrical water tank is installed in front of the vacuum pump. The top of the tank is a hemispherical protrusion. A section of upper suction pipe is installed in the middle of the cabinet. Fill the tank with water from the charging port before using it once, and then close the charging port

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