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Posted October 24th, 2019

I am having this same problem.  The balance reads 0.22781 g with nothing on the pan and changes by the correct amount when I put something on the pan.

However, it doesn't respond when I push any of the buttons.  I also see the wrench icon on the balance screen.

If anyone has seen or fixed this any help would be appriciated.

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Emily Isla
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Replied to chenck's post on October 26th, 2019

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Replied to Paul Denzel's post on January 11th, 2020

I was thought that there may have others way to get rid of this but the guys shared above is the only way to solve this and it is easy too. You guys can easily do that.

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Posted January 16th, 2020

There might be some issue on your balance you just need to put off the pan and check that your balance still shows the same weighing value or not if it shows changes then there might be some thing that is broken and it attached to the weighing area or if it shows same weighing value then you should try to contact an expert who can solve its digital view problem.  

Good Luck!  


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