Urgently Required Proforma Invoice for Spares of Analytical Instruments.

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Dear Sir/Madam,                                                  

                              Hoping you will be fine, 

                                                                       We intend to purchase the given bellow items urgently against 100% irrevocable LC at site basis. Please send us urgently your lowest and competitive proforma invoice on C&F(Including Sea-Freight) or FOB your port against 100% LC at site basis. The detail of urgently required items is as under:-  

Sr. #. Description Qty

1-(i). VacIon Pump

? Pressure Range: 10¯² to 10¯¹¹ mbar

? Pumping Speed > 45 lit/sec for Air

? Operating Voltage:  -7000 Vdc + 10%

? Material: Cathode=Titanium, Anode=304SS, Body=304SS, Magnet=Ferrite

? Element Type: StarCell

? Pump Inlet ConFlat Flange: NW 63--------- 02 Nos.

(ii) Dual Controller for VacIon Pump

? Input: 210 – 240 VAC, 600 VA max.

? Output for VacIon Pump:  -7000 Vdc+10%

? Front Panel: LCD

? Compatible with VacIon Pump (as demanded in item #.1(i))---------- 02 Nos.

(iii) High Voltage (HV) Cable for VacIon Pump

? 3-Wire HV (SS shielded) approx. 2 – 5 meter long cable (push type) with Interlock.

? Compatible with Dual Controller and VacIon pump.

Note: Service manual of Dual Controller and VacIon Pump may also be provided.------------02 Nos.

2. Pirani Vacuum Gauge (PRL 10K)

? NW 10 Flange connection

? Pressure Range: 10 to 10¯? mbar

? Compatible with Edwards 1000 series control unit--------- 03 Nos.

3. VALCO Injector

? Six port Valve for liquid injection

? Micro-electrical and universal actuators

? 1/16” Fittings and and 0.40 mm Ports

? 24 VDC with 210 – 240 VAC to 24VDC power supply

? Maximum Pressure: 5000 Psi liquid

? Body: Nitronic60----------01 No.

4. Gas Sampling Valve of CLARUS 500 GC, Perkin Elmer

? Part No: N9302814 or Equivalent (Compatible with CLARUS 500 GC, Perkin Elmer)-----------01 No.

5. Hollow Cathode Lamp for Chromium(Cr)

? Absorption line: 359.3 nm

? Filled Gas: Argon

? Operating Current: 7.5 mA

? Maximum Current: 15 mA

? Part #. 2082010-12 or Equivalent

? Compatible with Zeeman Polarized Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Model Z-8000, Hitachi-------------02 Nos.

6. Deuterium Lamp

? Part No.: J384017 or equivalent

? Compatible with UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Hitachi, Model #. U-3400-------------02 Nos.

Note-1:- Please clearly write the Country of Origin, Warranty, Catalog number and Brand Name alongwith brochures/Technical specifications of the quoted items.  

Note-2:- We will send you the LC Draft for your approval before opening an Original Bank LC. All LC Charges will be born by us in our Bank and you will receive your actual amount from your Bank.

Note-3:- Provision of Service Manual & Operational Manual (Soft/Hard Copy) 

Note-4:-  Prices/P.I and printable brochures must be attached separately.

Note-5:- Kindly also indicate that which accessories & parts are standard and which are the optional and also send us the prices of all standard as well as optional available accessories & Parts regarding your quoted item.

Note-6:- Payments through  Alibaba Cashier Account/TT/Wire Transfer/Advance payments are prohibited from Pakistan now after 1st JAN-2019. Now according to the new international trade policy of Pakistani Govt., only 100% LC at site is allowed.

            **Payments can be sent from anywhere, but Pakistani-customs is not clearing any shipment without bank's EIF(I-Form). As we already told you that  payments through Alibaba Cashier Account/TT/Wire Transfer/Advance payments was possible till December-2018 and payments through Alibaba Cashier Account/TT/Wire Transfer/Advance payments are prohibited from Pakistan now after 1st JAN-2019 and it is not possible now. Without Bank involving or 100% LC the bank could not issue the I-Form. (EIF/I-form means the Payment transaction proof against shipment) and without bank's issued I-form Custom will not clear any shipment. We already faced the same problem in last of December-2018, when the policy was being changed. So kindly quote only against 100% LC at site basis. 

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