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We have a Beckman DU640 with a zero order issue. So the wavelenght calibration does not pass. 

Also, the performance test shows that the 656.1 nm is shifted to 661.5 nm wich does not help either. 

The other tests are no too bad.  I already realigned the '' D '' shape pulley, relieving just enough tension of the fishing line with the spring to adjust the light path.  Now that works and the startup calibration is all passed. 

I tried to peak the halogen lamp ( wich is not new but not too old also and working properly ) at 0nm.


%T shows : 

1 : 103.42%

2 : 95.89%

3:  90.41%

4 : 93.84%

5: 86.99%

6: 87.68

Seems to fluctuate from 100%T to 200%T at the bottom of the screen ( 200% is saturated ? ). 


Thank for your help !