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Replied to RafaelCS post on January 5th, 2020

I have a UPLC dionex ultimate 3000. Sometimes, it returns an alert during operation: Degasser Malfunction.

I do not find any reasons for that because this alert appear even when my degasser is turned off on the method.

When I activate the degasser, it works very well, no alert.

Any solutions? I affraid that it could indicate a serious problem in my equipment, even though all of their other functions works well.

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Replied to RafaelCS post on July 25th, 2020
The integrated degasser module in this HPLC only last 5 years at most before it requires service. If the unit is 5 or more years old and the system shows a degasser error, please have it serviced. If the error message comes and goes, then the most likely reason is that you do not have all of the 4 solvent lines filled and flushed with mobile phase. Vacuum degasser modules require that ALL of the chambers be kept filled with solution ALL of the time. If you are not using one or more chambers, then the liquid inside it quickly evaporates out the exhaust leaving the chamber full of air. Air in the chambers results in early failure of the vacuum degasser (they are not designed to run with air in the chambers). If you are not using all of the channels, connect a jumper line from one channel that you do use to the unused chamber. That will improve degassing efficiency and keep the chamber filled with fresh mobile phase. More info: Chiralizer Services, HPLC Vacuum Degasser Repair Services: We repair Agilent, HP, Waters, Shimadzu, Dionex, Thermo and other brands FAST 2 Day Turnaround Time on Most Repairs.