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The starting relationship between fire control room and fire hydrant action button is related to the starting form of fire hydrant pump. The starting mode of fire hydrant pump is generally divided into two types. The first one is under the bus system joint control mode. The starting of fire hydrant action button can send its required starting signal to the fire control room console through the linkage interface module next to the fire hydrant, and then output the switch contacts that enable the fire hydrant to start. The second starting mode is to directly output the switch value contact of the fire hydrant action button to the fire hydrant pump starting box. These two starting modes can be used in the actual design. The former mode saves wiring, but it is necessary to program the address code of the fire hydrant linkage module under the bus system to achieve the purpose of monitoring a large number of fire hydrants. The latter one is simple and reliable, but it also needs to return the fire hydrant action signal to the fire control room. The designer can choose according to the actual scale of the project in the specific design. The former start-up method can be used for large-scale projects and complex building forms, and the latter start-up method can be used for small-scale projects.

The self start of the spray pump is to break the glass ball of the pipe network nozzle in each protection area under high temperature, which causes the flow of water in the pipe network, thus the linkage alarm valve pressure switch acts, so as to achieve the purpose of self starting the spray pump. Through the water flow indicator linkage module or alarm valve pressure switch lead to the control room, the fire control room can accurately reflect its action signal, and the control room should be able to directly control the start and stop of the spray pump

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