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After a power outage, my vacuum on turbo pump 1 stays in accelerating mode and never goes to ready. How do I diagnose and repair the fault?
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Is it a Varian turbo? What model?

Look at the controller board. There is a LED there, it should be green. If turbo not starting and controller blinking in red, it blinks in a coded mode: it flashes a number of times equal to the error code, then stays off.

# of Blinks Error
1 Output current too high
2 Pump not connected
3 Output current >1.5A for 15sec
4 Bearing temp >60C
5 Heat exchanger temp >60C
6 Normal not reached at run up time
9 Vp voltage 8V lower than nominal for 5sec
10 Soft start ramp not ended within expected time

In order to understand the problem better, you need a special software, T-Plus. Call your Agilent office, they will come and diagnose the problem.
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Perhaps this is similar: my Varian V1000 controller (running a V1000A pump in an UltraMass ICPMS) shows the Frequency light bar solidly lit while the Power light bar has no LEDs lit, and the pump is not running. This occurred after an overnight storm that might have affected the power. The controller and pump were running normally when I left the evening before.

Where is the fault indicator LED?
Is this likely a component failure in the controller? Any suggestions for repair?
Jim Murowchick
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Dear Jim,

I am not a specialist in ICP-MS, my field is GC/LC/MS, but the turbo pumps from Varian have many similar features.

First of all, the turbo is usually unable to reach 100% speed because of some imediment, like bad vacuum from the roughing pump, a leak, bad bearings, and so on. Usually this leads to a high power consumption, as the turbo tries to turn at the required speed, but is unable to do so. I can't tell you, though, what the current should be for your particular turbo.

As I said, there is special software, T-Plus, which can look deeper into the functioning of the turbo, but it is not distributed to the customers, since it requires some training before you can use it, otherwise you may damage your pump. It means, you should ask somebody from Agilent, who is trained to do so, to come and run the diagnostic tests.

Chances are high that you will have to replace the turbo.
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This model has Leybold turbos.
Which pump you mean pump 1?
Is any pump on your instrument speed up?
Your problem is either turbo itself or power supply for turbo.
If you still have this issue respond to this and I'll help you diagnose a problem.

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We have similar situation - after venting and replacing nano LC source we cannot pump down - we checked/fixed:

Turbo pump power supply and venting valve. While the TOF is down to 8e-6 if we keep cycling the pumping, the Q1 vacuum gauge would read 1.2e-3. The roughing pump is at 890mTorr and 60 when the orifice behind curtain plate is blocked with a septum.

I guess we have a hole somewhere but cannot figure it out.

I will let you know if anything resolved.  Please let me know what is new on your side.



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Hi Robert,


I have posted our situation, please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Thank you very much,