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Replied to pkohlipkohli's post on June 4th, 2011
we have a Lambda 25. It showed error of initialization failed. Either the beam is blocked or tungstun or D2 lamp needs to be replaced. It turns out both lamps needed replacement. I can now see both lamps are working, but we still got the same error. Anyone can help in this.

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The L25 goes through initialization on power up, therefore ensure that there are no cuvettes/accessories blocking the beam during this sequence. If the instrument is still failing initialization after lamp replacement (with clear beams), there may have been an issue with the seating of the new lamps. I would recommend pulling the new lamps out and reseating them both. The bottom of the lamp mounts are slotted and need to be pinned properly on installation. Finally, follow the instrument manual for warm-up time, and reinitialize after the suggested time period.
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Hello, did you solve the issue? We are having the same problem with our lambda 25. I appreciate any info you can give us. Thank you!