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What is an easy way to add oil to the diff pump?

I'm thinkin of using a 60cc syringe and a tube to squirt it in the exhaust port from the turbo pump to the roughing pump.

Comments? Suggestions?? Other ideas???

and Thanks!

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I assume you mean the diffusion pump.  The total oil volume in that pump should be 125ml.  Drain the pump and measure the oil.  There is a hex cap nut on the bottom of the diffusion pump, probably 9/16".  Remove it and capture the oil into a vial.  Replace the nut.  Add enough diffusion oil to bring it to 125ml.  If the oil that comes out is the color of coffee, throw it away and put in 125ml of new diffusion oil.  To add oil, remove the red vacuum hose at the top of the diffusion pump.  pour in the oil and replace the hose.  Coating the metal where the hose goes on  with a little film of silicon grease will help get it back on.  Use ONLY Diffusion oil, not drive oil or vacuum oil!