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Imbalance at speed. Motor mounts feel fine. Imbalance board refuses to be adjusted enough to allow the unit to spin above 3k. Fisher-Sorvall says, "Buy a new motor for $1800+."

We say, "Huh?"


Anybody else run across this?

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This is a rebranding of the Jouan MR23i that was sold in the US before Thermo bought the Jouan Group.

You could try contacting LabRepCo on 1-800-521-0754  or They were excellent Jouan distributors. (I know because I lead the marketing team on the MR23i at Jouan HQ and trained LabRepCo). Of course, LabRepCo is in the NE but they have a rep in WA: 1-800-521-0754 ext 175. He can put you in touch with the service department. I would expect an adjustment of the imbalance detector could be a much cheaper fix... so long as the board is in good condition.

If still no joy, come back to me:

Good luck.