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We have a Juoan 22i centrifuge in need of replacement or repairs.  The Legend 23R appears to be an updated version of the 22i and 23i - they look almost identical, and Thermos bought out what was left of Juoan a number of years ago.     Will the rotors we have for the 22i  fit the Legend 23R?  I expect they will.     Thanks,     John Lawler    


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Hi John,

I just replied directly to Andy Stevens on this, but the answer could be of general interest to Lab Wrench members:


The Legend 23R is identical to the Jouan MR23i. The MR23i was just a revision of the MR22i when we added some accessories, especially the 48 x 2 ml rotor and 6 x 50 ml conical rotor, and finally put the blue ‘wing’ on it.

Thermo essentially buys companies and renames the products using Thermo brand and a 'product line name' that suits the market where it is sold - so you can find the same product in different markets with different names, using the most 'famous' brand for that type of product in the given market, banking on better sales results.

Oh, I say 'we' as I was the Marketing Director at the time and MR22i and MR23i were my babies. One of the main sales parameters that is not mentioned in the Thermo brochure is that the max noise level is 57 dB(A) - so 1/2 the noise of a 60 dB(A) machine and about 1/6th the noise level of 65 dB(A) machines, common in this class. And the noise level was even lower when not driving the fastest rotor at max speed. I know; I personally tested the first 25 units in an anechoic chamber :-)

BTW, do you use the integrator? You can virtually replicate results, regardless of sample load (number of tubes) and even transpose protocols across rotors. It's easy to do!

For anything else, just ask.

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