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When we are running the machine, the flame goes out randomly (usually less than 2 minutes). We are using air and acetylene only. The flame looks fine and all the interlocks are good even after the flame goes out.  The flame can be restarted immedietly but is more likely to go out sooner. When the machine is cold we get about 6 minutes out of it, before the flame shuts off.  After restarting, the flame only lasts a minute or so.  We tried increasing the Acetylene content a little and saw no change. We do work in an area which does have dust in the air and typically high humidity. 

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This is pretty obvious to me that it is temperature related. Either your cooling water is non-existent or not sufficient or the temperature sensor is too low or defective.



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Hello JeffC20,

Is your burner chamber draining properly? If the chamber starts to get full the flame would go out quickly and it would occur faster on subsequent attempts as there's still fluid in the burner chamber from the first one. You may need to clean the burner chamber out by taking the end cap off and cleaning it with a laboratory detergent solution and soft bristled brush if particulates have accumulated inside.

There is no cooling system for most flame AAs.

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I have the same problem. When the ignitor was removed over the burner head, the flame goes out quickly at few seconds. The flame looks well, and the burner head and burner chamber are extremely clean.

I checked the entire system but I have not found any problem.

May anyone help me?



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Hello InnoWart,

Does the igniter move out of the flame quickly or does it linger and the tube start glowing red-orange until the flame goes out? If the igniter tube stays in the flame after it is lit there is likely a problem with flame sensor. It's a little photodiode inside a notch in the front of where the igniter is mounted. Sometimes the flame sensor can get dirty with soot from the flame and cleaning it off with some windex and a soft cloth can get it working again. Otherwise you may have to have the service engineer replace it.

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Thank you for your quick response.

The igniter moves out quickly, and at one or two seconds the flame goes out beginning to fade out in the middle of the burner chamber and extinguishing to the sides), but fuel continues on during around five seconds mores.