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The gas hinges are broken on our Marathon 3200R (serial #64560343).  Previously they were available under the part number 509070R.  We have been told by Fisher and ThermoFisher that this part is no longer available.  Do you have any suggestions for a replacement part?  Patti M UC Riverside

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Hi Patti,

I think that this instrument was built by Hettich, so you could try their distributor, but I might be mistaken.

However, most centrifuge companies buy these components from one or two suppliers. If you look at the gas strut, you will be able to read the pressure rating. (This is determined by the weight of the lid to be lifted.)

You then need to note the length of the cylinder. Any good centrifuge service company ought to be able to supply an alternative replacement gas strut with these characteristics.

Good luck,