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This is a rubber piece with a wire mesh inside that fits hose barb type lab water faucets. Fisher holds the trademark on the Splashgon name but does not make them any more, nor do they offer a substitute. Does anyone know of a possible replacement? Your help is appreciated!

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I feel your pain. I'm shocked to realize that not only can I not find them, no one even knows what they are! I would think that the manufacturers of water faucet vacuum aspirators would sell them as an accessory.

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Hi harper306,

In order to assist other members that may come across this issue could you please specify the make and model of the equipment you are referring to so that we can move this post to the appropriate forum?


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As far as I know, the item is no longer available and I have no way of finding a make and model number. I am looking for an aerator to fit on the bottom of the Troemner Talboys™ Labjaws Air Ejector, Fisher P/N 02-216-338. The aerator was called a “Fisher Splashgon.” The one that I used at a former job was a rubber piece with metal screens that fit on the water outlet of the Airejector and dispersed the water flow such that it didn’t splash in the sink; it could also be used on a nozzle lab faucet. It was a broad conical shape, about an inch and a half diameter at the bottom. See below pictures.

I searched “Fisher Splashgon” and found where Fisher owns the trademark, but it’s no longer on the website.

An old one can currently be found on ebay:

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I wondered if anyone found an alternative supplier for the Fisher Splashgon antisplash nozzle as I need a few 

The Catalogue No was 09-959Q no longer available.

Ive tried Ebay the company selling them went into liquidation 2016

I have one and the original box and pictures