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Subject: Problem in Leco Hydrogen Determinator Model RHEN 602 Serial No. 3604

Dear Sir,

We are using the above mentioned equipment from last five years and maintaining it as per instruction given in the manual part no. 200-713. We are highly satisfied with the results of this equipment.

When we check the system values from Diagnostics, test results displayed as mass flow sensor failure. When we check the definition of mass flow sensor, system replies, if combustion flow is less than 440 ccm, then this test will fail.

highlight the problems and I hope, you will assist me in rectifying the

Problem Background

Before the Problem

When we switched on the instrument, Carrier gas flow rate remained stable between 240-250 CC/min. Flow rate value sustained during the sample analysis. We obtained results of hydrogen with good peaks

After the Problem

After the failure of mass flow sensor, now when we switch on the instrument, Carrier gas flow rate fluctuates and its value remain stable at 0, 1 / between 0-40 CC/min. Same type of Carrier gas flow rate has been observed during analysis( Its value fluctuates and its value remain stable at 0, 1 / between 0-40 CC/min).But manual suggests us that Flow rate value should sustain in the proximity of 250 CC / min before and during the sample analysis. At the end of analysis, we have observed message error of Saturation warning: H in one of the analysis

When we do the Leak check test (system check and By Pass Furnace), test results displayed as; leak check passed. So our system is leak free.

An urgent response and consent is required to rectify the mass flow sensor problem. Please feel free to contact regarding query about this problem

Munawar Iqbal

Manager (Laboratory)

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Hello Munawar,

Thank you for your feedback.

Assuming you are in Pakistan, please contact one of these offices to assist you with the issue on the RHEN602:

Analytical Measuring Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.
AMS House, 14-C Main Sehar Commercial Avenue Lane No. 4, Khayaban-e-Sehar DHA-VII Karachi 75500, Pakistan Phone: 92-21-3534-5581
Fax: 92-21-3534-5582
Email: amskhi@amspvtltd.com

Analytical Measuring Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.
9-Malik Complex, 3rd Floor 80 West Blue Area Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone: 92-51-2277212
Fax: 92-51-2277132
Email: amsisb@amspvtltd.com

Analytical Measuring Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.
26-Atta Turk Block, New Garden Town, Lahore-54600, Pakistan
Phone: 92-42-3586-5155
Fax: 92-42-3583-2202
Email: amslhr@amspvtltd.com

Analytical Measuring Systems (Pvt) Ltd.
404, 4th Floor, Block-B, City Towers University Road, Peshawar, Pakistan
Phone: 92-91-5850848-9
Fax: 92-91-5850851
Email: amspwr@amspvtltd.com

Best regards,
LECO Corporation