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Pulsating fluid in lines as pumping carrier and reagent; how find clogs and blockages?

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1. Well, the first thing I do is make sure the pump tube when NOT connected to anything is flowing normally at the flow rate based on a timed measurerment -  Such as 2 mls per minute, etc.  This way you know that the pump and the tubing are pumping correctly.

2. Then I connect the tubing one at a time into the cartrdige and see if the rate changes after the fitting connections, heaters,e tc.  Just go down the line until you find where the clog may be.  This is best done with just water NOT chemicals and use lots of towels so that no water gets into any electronics.

3.  As you connect each new fitting you shold come to a palce where the clog or backpressure is evident. 

4.  You may want to consider using a little surfactant, this will often help the liquid flow throught he system better.

We would be glad to help you walk through this if you give us a call.

Ken Earle