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We have two Beckman Coulter centrifuges with Ref # 1073081 and 1072900 purchased at the same time. Both of them constantly give R-3 or R-5 error messages (wrong or unrecognizable rotor). Once in a while, it helps if to turn off the centrifuge and to unplug the power cord. However, most of the time it doesn't help and often centrifuge wouldn't start. The service company we use told us that this is a common "glitch" with Avanti J-E and that the centrifuge has poor computer control system, that is why many services don't want to deal with them (is that true?!). We purchased these centrifuges because they were advertised as "student-proof" and it turned to be that they are just two moody metal boxes that don't want to work!

Any suggestion will be deeply appreciated.

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Hello Mike,

This series of centrifuge has the capability of misrecognizing some rotors. The slippage (related to time to achieve a set speed) is extremely similar for some rotors and this can permit incorrect speed setting by erroneously allowing a higher than specified speed.

It is therefore essential to set both the rotor code and the maximum speed for the fitted rotor before running.

This might not eliminate your problem, but the advice is important from a safety aspect.

I hope that this helps,