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In setting up communication between the Chemstation and my Agilent 1100 I'm running into a problem, I see biodirectional communication where as the packets sent and received, but the installed modules are not being recognized by the Chemstation it reports that the module configured is setup improperly. The logfile reading i get is as follows:

Status: BOOTP Request received at outer most layer
Status: BOOTP Request received from hardware address: 0001E638B358
Status: found HPLC-5:
Status: Host IP Address is:
Status: Reply to BOOTP Request has been sent
Status: BOOTP Request finished processing at outer most layer

Has anyone else had this problem or can assist with a solution?
Thank You,
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First turn the computer on and wait until everything has booted up and all is settled down, (the Agilent system is sensitive to the order in which things are turned on). Turn on the modules that you intend on using at this time wait and see what message you get below on the BOOT screen. Once the message appears click on the Chemstation software and load it up.
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Thank You, your response has assisted in discovering the issue. During installation of the Chemstation I designated an ip address for the instrument I had since then adjusted the communication parameters I guess in the shuffle I reassigned an address to the hplc and computer but neglected to modify the ip in the Chemstation's configuration editor.

Thanks again for your help,
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