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Is there a good KOH concentration and current to leave the system on when it is in standby mode? I have heard that leaving the instrument running is better for long-term data quality, but I want to preserve the EGC as long as I can. Suggestions?


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Yes, leaving the eluent running at low concentration before and after a run helps both to save the eluent and avoids prolonged equilibrium times when starting up again.   You can shut it down for up to a week but after that there is the possibility of salts precipitating out or mold growth throughout the flow path.  Remember to keep the suppressor current, flow rate, and eluent concentration at the recommended ratio when reducing the eluent concentration.   I do not like to have a suppressor current so low that I do not see any gases produced from the suppressor since the gas production assures me that the suppressor is working.

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