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Replied to Sreejit's post on January 28th, 2014

Has anyone tried to run a 7890A in splitless mode with a 7693 A sampler and Empower software? 
We have a 7890A with a 7693A injector and Empower software. We have enabled the Äuto Prep run"from
On the 7890 front panel, press Config.
2. Press the arrow key until the Instrument selection is highlighted, then press Enter. 
The panel displays the instrument serial number on line 1 and the Auto Prep Run 
parameter on line 2.
3. Ensure that the Auto Prep Run parameter is ON. If not, press On.
4. Press Enter
When a run is started from EMpower with Auto Prep Run parameter ON am getting an instrument failure. Is this an expected behavior?
Anyone else experience this or know of a work around?