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I don't know if this will apply to the Microfuge 16 but it is probably worth a look.

To clean the latches on the Microfuge 18…
1. Turn off the centrifuge and unplug the cord with the lid open.
2. Remove the rotor with the hex tool that came with the centrifuge.
3. Remove the two Philips screws on each side near the bottom.
4. Lean the centrifuge on its back to expose the bottom. You will find 7 nuts. The inner three form a triangle that point to the front and the outer four form a rectangle around the inner three.
5. Remove the outer four nuts with a 5/16 in. nut driver.
6. Now the plastic front can be lifted partially off to expose a ribbon cable. To release this, push the two tabs out from the sides of the cable. Once the cable is released, the front can be completely removed and set side.
7. Lubricate the two latches with silicone spray (not oil/WD40). Manually test the latch servos to make sure they operate smoothly.
8. Replace the from by repeating the previous steps in reverse order.
It is not necessary to remove the knobs on the front.

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Sorry but you need to ignore this post.  The Microfuge 16 is NOTHING like the Microfuge 18.  They don't look alike or even latch the same way.  I only worked on a few before I retired but not for latch problems.  I recommend that you call Beckman porduct support for assistance.

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hi all

any one know how to remove the cover for microfuge 16 

i remove the screws from the botton but cant remove the cover so i can check it from inside

pls help