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Replied to Bert's post on March 6th, 2014

We have several units, which are not able to reach 37C. Is that something general? Also looks like when you open the door the unit needs what ever long to get back close to 37C.

Tried to find a service manual, but no success for the moment. Every help is welcome.


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Replied to Bert's post on June 2nd, 2014


Does it heat at all?  Meaning, can you control the heat at a lower temp?

In my experience with this model,  I have found the heat relay on the mother board in the back of the unit goes bad.  I have repaired a few of them with this problem. I'm guessing the unit won't do a decon either.  There are two relays, both orange in color.  The heat relay is the one more in the middle of the board.  You will need to be experienced with soldering and de-soldering.  Mark all connections and also take a picture of the board before you undo any of the wires.  Some of the screws to remove the motherboard are hard to get to.  Take your time.  I have found the exact relays through Newark electronics.  But, you can probably get similar ones through DigiKey, or Allied.