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The Mastercycler® family offers ultimate reliability combined with easy to use software. The universal block can work with all common consumables and increases the range of application flexibilities. The Mastercycler gradient has SteadySlope® technology ensuring optimal, constant heating and cooling rates, which means that results of gradient experiments can be transferred to routine applications.

Manufacturer EPPENDORF Mastercycler  EPPENDORF Mastercycler 
Model Mastercycler Personal  remove  Mastercycler Gradient  remove 
Temp. Differential Range 4.0 to 99.0 °C  4.0 to 99.0 °C 
Depth 35.0 cm  41.0 cm 
Height 25.0 cm  27.0 cm 
Width 18.0 cm  26.0 cm 
Power Requirements 230 V, 50–60 Hz  230 V, 50–60 Hz 
Peak Power 300.0 W  450.0 W 
Weight 6.8 kg  12.4 kg 
Additional Specifications Sample capacity: 25...more  Sample capacity: 96...more 
Model Mastercycler Personal  remove Mastercycler Gradient  remove
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