Compare EPPENDORF 5804/5804R models.

The bench-top centrifuges from Eppendorf are long established and enjoy a popularity that grows with every passing year. Thus, it was natural for Eppendorf to take the new technological possibilities into account and subject the popular Centrifuges 5804 (refrigerated: 5804 R) and 5810 (refrigerated: 5810 R) to a live-cell treatment. The result is a device with the same chassis, but with a considerably improved control panel and an inner life incorporating state of the art technology.    

Manufacturer EPPENDORF 5804/5804R  EPPENDORF 5804/5804R 
Model 5804 R  remove  5804  remove 
Centrifuge Type General Purpose  General Purpose 
Orientation Benchtop  Benchtop 
Depth 55.0 cm  55.0 cm 
Height 34.0 cm  34.0 cm 
Width 64.0 cm  47.0 cm 
Power Requirements 230 V, 50-60 Hz  230 V, 50-60 Hz 
Weight   55.0 kg 
Additional Specifications Max. power...more  Max. power...more 
Model 5804 R  remove 5804  remove
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