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BD Biosciences BD FACSymphony™

Found In: DNA Sequence Analyzers

Customized solutions for high parameter cell analysis    The BD FACSymphony™ system is a novel cell analyzer that leverages the

BD Biosciences BBL GasPak 150

Found In: Other

Same as GasPak 100 Systems, but with larger jar to hold thirty-six 100 x 15mm Petri dishes, twelve 150 x 15mm Petri dishes, or 13 culture tubes. The

BD Biosciences DYNAC III

Found In: Centrifuge

The DYNAC® III centrifuge is the ideal choice for high performance separations in hematology, chemistry, urinalysis, blood banking, microbiology and

BD Biosciences Tissue culture-treated

Found In: Microplates

BD Falcon™ and BD Primaria™ surfaces support a range of applications and many important cell types including primary cells, stem cells,

BD Biosciences BD FACSAria

Found In: Flow Cytometers

From Pioneers to Revolutionaries in Flow Cytometry Instrumentation

BD Biosciences BD FACSCanto II

Found In: Flow Cytometers

A proven platform for maximum reliability and the highest quality results

BD Biosciences BD FACSCalibur

Found In: Flow Cytometers

The flow cytometer for your routine cell analysis needs

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BD Biosciences

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