Clinical Laboratory

Sakura Tissue-Tek® AutoSection®

Found In: Microtomes

Tissue-Tek® AutoSection® delivers the next level in precision sectioning.

Beckman Coulter Navios

Found In: Cell Counters

A clinical system that delivers analytical excellence by coupling extraordinary sensitivity, resolution and dynamic range with high-speed data collect

Randox Evidence Multistat

Found In: Chemistry Analyzers , Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

The evidence MultiStat analyser is a semi-automated point-of-application analyser for rapid and accurate patient diagnosis.

Thermo Scientific Shandon Finesse 325 Microtome

Found In: Microtomes

The Shandon Finesse 325 is a manual rotary microtome for routine paraffin sectioning. It has a lightly balanced flywheel designed to address

Thermo Scientific PRIME Workcell System

Found In: Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

The Thermo Scientific* PRIME Workcell System is the prime combination optimizing the workflow in clinical analysis.    The Thermo

Thermo Scientific Konelab PRIME 60

Found In: Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Thermo Scientific* Konelab PRIME 60 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is an ideal system for medium-sized laboratories as a stand-alone instrument or as a

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water puddling

water puddling beneath the unit

Easylyte NA/K

Hi I have error in machine Error code 05 I'don't have any thing about this error Please help me

Any business that provide Preventative Maintenance for this/

We have this stainer at our lab and because it is older, we are having trouble finding a company to provide PM service for it.  I realize that...

konelab t 60 wrong results

Hello we have a problem with our analyser . he is giving us totally abnormal results like : creatinine 26 ; 78 ; triglycerides , cholesterol - 2...

Stago STA Cleaner Solution 2.5 Liters

Hi! My question is can you use sodium hypochlorite instead of Stago STA Cleaner Solution 2.5 Liters for Star evolution? Best regards/

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