Environics Series 3000

Also found In: Gas and Air Analyzers , Sample Preparation , Environmental Chambers , , Glove Boxes

This "On Demand" gas delivery/blending system will provide cost savings and repeatability of your mixture.

Esco Technologies IVF-4A2

Labculture® In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Workstation

MidAtlantic Diagnostics 3-Foot IVF Workstation

For IVF labs with limited space, restricted budgets, or low throughput, the 3-foot IVF Workstation is the ideal choice. Both space saving and cost

MidAtlantic Diagnostics 6-Foot Dual Scope IVF Workstation

The busy IVF practice will appreciate the 6-foot Dual Scope IVF Workstation. Fitted with 2 stereomicroscopes and 2 integrated warming plates, this

MidAtlantic Diagnostics 6-Foot IVF Workstation

With one installed stereomicroscope, the standard 6-foot workstation provides extra room for additional equipment, such as an inverted microscope,

MidAtlantic Diagnostics 5-Foot IVF Workstation

MidAtlantic Daignostics is one of the only companies that offer an IVF Workstation in a 5-foot width. For labs that may not be able to accommodate a

MidAtlantic Diagnostics 4-Foot IVF Workstation

The 4-foot IVF Workstation is a popular choice for many IVF labs. While providing enough additional space to house a second microscope, the small

K Systems L400 Series

The 400 Series is the entry level range. It accommodates the needs of basic IVF procedures in a lean cost structure.    All Workstations

Series Models: L423, L424, L426, L426 Dual

K Systems L100 Series

These Workstations offer a variety of models and configurations to fit your needs.  All Workstations have a noise level of only 51 db and an

Series Models: L124, L126, L126 Dual, L126 MP

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Hello, I need your K Systems L125 (L126) Laminar Flow, send me please your price. Thank you.

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