World Precision Instruments MTM-3 Stereotaxic Frame

The MTM3 will simplify your surgery so you can focus on your research discovery.

Applied BioPhysics ECIS

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Applied BioPhysics (ABP) automates tissue culture research by measuring the impedance of mammalian cells cultured on small electrodes. They provide

Series Models: ECIS ZTheta, ECIS Z

Harvard Apparatus Ultra-Precise Stereotaxic Frame

Model 963 Ultra Precise Small Animal Stereotaxic is designed to bring new standards of positioning precision to the small animal stereotaxic

Coulbourn Instruments SINGLE LANE TREADMILL, RAT

Our treadmills feature adjustable speed (up to 150 cm/s) and slope (from -25 to +25 degrees), enabling forced exercise training and accurate testing

NuAire AllerGard™ ES NU-620 Containment Animal Transfer Station

The AllerGard™ ES (Energy Saver) model NU-620 is an Animal Transfer Station modeled after our Class II Biological Safety Cabinet design to

NuAire NU-602 Animal Cage Changing Station

Laboratory Animal Cage Biosafety Hood

Series Models: NU-602-4XX, NU-602-5XX, NU-602-6XX

NuAire NU-605 Laboratory Animal Isolator

Portable Animal Cleanroom Enclosure

Series Models: NU-605-500/500E, NU-605-600/600E

NuAire LabGard ES NU-677

LabGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-677 Class II, Type A2 Animal Handling Biological Safety Cabinet

Series Models: NU-677-400, NU-677-500, NU-677-600

NuAire Labgard 629

Animal Research Biosafety Cabinet

Series Models: NU-629-400, NU-629-600

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