World Precision Instruments MTM-3 Stereotaxic Frame

The MTM3 will simplify your surgery so you can focus on your research discovery.

NuAire AllerGard 619

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: NU-619-300, NU-619-400, NU-619-500

Clinipath Environmental Cabinet

  The Clinipath Environmental cage system gives a more controlled environment for the product and technicians.  The Cages or Cabinet

Harvard Apparatus Model 683

Small Animal Ventilator - Volume Controlled Single Animal

Better Built R700 Series

BetterBuilt® R700 Series High Efficiency Cage and Rack Washer

Allentown NexGen

The NexGen is new...but filled with the values that have made Allentown the number one housing solution provider to the Laboratory An

Baker SterilGARD Pass-Thru System

Also found In: Biological Safety Cabinets ,

For easy animal receiving, The Baker Company's Pass-Thru System combines standard 4-foot or 6-foot SterilGARD cabinets connected with a

Baker SterilGARD ATS

The SterilGARD® III Advance° Animal Transfer Station offers a new adaptive ergonomic design combined with a unique airflow management system and

Baker SterilGARD e3 Necropsy Unit

Also found In: Biological Safety Cabinets ,

The Necropsy Unit permits specialized laboratory animal research procedures such as dissection and surgery, cell culture, tissue harvesting and

Baker EdgeGARD ATS

EdgeGARD® Animal Transfer Station is a horizontal laminar flow clean bench which provides HEPA-filtered airflow across the work area and hence, a

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Kc Labrador Puppies

What's more, less expensive little dogs aren't really the deal they appear. In the event that you haven't found your Labrador Retriever...

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Please send Anigard (Baker company) cage change Manual

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