Plas-Labs Ferret Restrainers

The Plas-Labs Feret restrainer is a modifed version of a similar device initailly described by Dr. Daniel McLain in the Volume #35, No. 7 issue of

Plas-Labs Bowman Style Restrainers

The Plas-Labs 530-POR, Bowman Style Rodent Restrainer has been re-engineered and refined to accommodate larger sized animals up to 750 grams. The

Plas-Labs Rabbit Restrainers

Plas-Labs Rabbit Restrainers are clearly the best. They provide total observation of your valuable research animal.    All Rabbit

Plas-Labs Rodent Containment System

Simple to Use and Inexpensive for the Budget Minded Investigator.    This is the only available unit which can be used as a free flow or

Plas-Labs Rodent Injection Cone

Plas-Labs now offers an "Illuminated Rodent Tail Vein Injection Cone". The 562-IRC features our "bright light" illumination system, rechargeable

Plas-Labs Primate Chairs

Plas-Labs has been a leading manufacturer of primate chairs for over 35 years. All of our chairs have been developed, tested, and refined in some of

Plas-Labs Poultry Isolators

These poultry isolation units are designed to protect, both, your fowl and the personnel from cross contamination. They are ideal for both acute and

Plas-Labs Rodent Restrainers

Plas Labs has a twenty-five year tradition of offering effective, easy to use rodent restrainers and surgery boards.

Series Models: Broome Style Restrainers, Flat Bottom Restrainers

Plas-Labs Guinea Pig Restrainers

These clear acrylic restrainers provide complete visual awareness and status of your valuable animal. The plastic is warm to the touch and eliminates

Series Models: 535-GP/S, 535-GP/M

Plas-Labs Surgery Exam Tables

Plas-Labs now offers a new Battery Operated Surgical-Exam Table. The exam table includes a rechargeable battery pack with a 30-hour service life

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