Randox Evidence Multistat

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The evidence MultiStat analyser is a semi-automated point-of-application analyser for rapid and accurate patient diagnosis.

Thermo Scientific PRIME Workcell System

The Thermo Scientific* PRIME Workcell System is the prime combination optimizing the workflow in clinical analysis.    The Thermo

Thermo Scientific Konelab 20 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Thermo Scientific* Konelab 20 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is compact, practical, and cost effective.

Thermo Scientific Konelab 20XT

Thermo Scientific* Konelab 20XT Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is ideal for small labs, intensive care labs and other specialty laboratories, handling

Thermo Scientific Konelab PRIME 30

Thermo Scientific* Konelab PRIME 30 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a highly developed clinical chemistry system for routine and special chemistries

Thermo Scientific Konelab PRIME 60

Thermo Scientific* Konelab PRIME 60 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is an ideal system for medium-sized laboratories as a stand-alone instrument or as a

Thermo Scientific Indiko

Thermo Scientific* Indiko is a fully automated, bench-top clinical and specialty chemistry system.    Indiko together with bar-coded,

Thermo Scientific Gallery

Specifically developed for industrial and environmental analysis.

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Hello. Can anyone help me to provide some manual that include the RS232 interface specificacions (i.e. headers, acknowledgements, etc)?I'll...

Deleting old controls

Im looking to do a bit of tidying up on our instrument, could you please tell me how to delete old control and calibration data. Ive removed the...


Parts for service

Service Manual

Looking for a service manual

alarm cautions

A power failure on rack sampler. An abnormal DC power supply. A blown fuse on DO4 circuit board. A blown fuse on PSCNT circuit board...

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