Randox Evidence Multistat

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The evidence MultiStat analyser is a semi-automated point-of-application analyser for rapid and accurate patient diagnosis.

Beckman Coulter AU480

With a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes) and an on board capacity of 63 different analytes the AU480

Beckman Coulter AU680

The newest member of the high-performance Beckman Coulter laboratory analyzer series is the AU680 Chemistry System. Based on in-depth customer

Beckman Coulter AU2700

Creating more efficiency for high volume laboratories, the AU2700 automates chemistry testing and provides extended walk away time. This high-speed

Beckman Coulter AU5400

The AU5400 Chemistry System random access chemistry analyzer is the highest throughput analyzer from the Beckman Coulter AU family. It is available

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I need this sw plase sw

For sale one super clean Beckman AU 680 withISE Year 2013

For sale one super clean Beckman AU 680 withISE Year 2013Please call (909)204-8805

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