Roche cobas p 312 pre analytical system

A pre-analytical, computer controlled stand-alone system for decapping, sorting and archiving of sample tubes for SWA, hematology, coagulation, and ur

Roche Cobas 6000

Cobas 6000 analyzer series is tailor-made based on individualized workflow analysis of customers laboratory and available in 7 configurations.

Roche cobas e 411

Bench top analyzer for heterogeneous immunoassays.

Roche COBAS Integra® 800

Simple, convenient testing by any tech, any time

Roche cobas c 111

Big lab analyzer performance—designed for small workload labs

Roche Cobas 4000

The second member of the cobas modular platform.

Roche Cobas 8000

The cobas 8000 modular analyzer series Because demanding jobs require intelligent and powerful solutions.

Roche Reflotron Plus

          Quick Results          Immediate ready for measurement standby mode          30 micro liter whole blood, plasma or

Roche 911

Hitachi 911 (now the Roche Hitachi 911) is a computerized chemistry analyzer. It uses plasma, serum, urine, and CSF sample types to execute in

Roche COBAS Integra® 400

Technology designed to help improve your lab’s performance

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I'm having a problem with reagent volume recognition. The values are random and not correct. After control test, all reagents goes red with 0...

Service Manual

Looking for a service manual


We are just new in using Beckman Coulter AU480 analyzer, and we just switch to barcode system. What are we going to do or any procedures how to run...


I would like to purchase a set of Roche's cobas e 411. Could you please send its brochure to our firm via air mail? Our UPS account is 000065ye44.

Annual maintenance

I currently need a maintenance technician in Wisconsin that can help us with annual maintenance of our indiko plus which is a bout 3 years old. Would...

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