Sakura Tissue-Tek® AutoSection®

Tissue-Tek® AutoSection® delivers the next level in precision sectioning.

Thermo Scientific Shandon Finesse 325 Microtome

The Shandon Finesse 325 is a manual rotary microtome for routine paraffin sectioning. It has a lightly balanced flywheel designed to address

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Questions for Microtomes

Coolant leakage

Hello.  Our Leica SM2500 is leaking coolant.  It appears to be coming from underneath the tissue sample metal plate.   Can anyone...

Auto feed isnt working

Hi  We have SM2000R in lab for quite sometime. All of a sudden auto feed stopped working. Can you please help. 

how to move course feed backward?

During sectioning I found the beeping sound (yellow light in the retract button) because the front end position is reached (can be seen yellow light...

Leica VT1000 S

I was wondering what a Leica VT1000 S cost used?

Service manual

Need help if you have a copy of service manual. Thanks

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