Rankin Biomed Reichert-Jung Biocut 2030 Microtome

The Reichert-Jung Biocut 2030 Microtome is a manual rotary microtome that features a digital section counter, 60 mm vertical stroke length, section

Leica Microsystems SM2400

Sliding Microtome for Biological Applications

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Questions for Microtomes

PM light wont turn off

Does anyone know how to clear wrench icon which basically is alerting PM is due?

what does e015 mean?

hello, i need to identify what this error means. any help will be appreciated!

Microm HM430 replacement brake rubber for lock

I am looking for a part number and possibly the section of the service manual that gives the instructions for replacing the brake rubber on an HM430...

How to place the

Hi, I've just bought a used 1512 and the OEM manual (section 2, page6), says that there is blocking for the sample-transport mechanism both...


Where would I have the best luck finding the chucks for this particular machine?

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