Beckman Coulter CellaVision Digital Morphology Solutions

CellaVision* digital morphology solutions help increase the efficiency of hematology workflow systems for mid- to large-volume laboratories in

Beckman Coulter COULTER LH 750

The LH 750 hematology analyzer is equipped with advanced technologies, nucleated red blood cell (NRBC) enumeration and random access capabilities.

Beckman Coulter Coulter Ac•T diff2

The Ac•T diff2 hematology analyzer delivers performance, value and in both open and closed analysis modes, a wide operating range and multiple

Beckman Coulter Coulter Ac•T diff

The Ac•T diff is an affordable, compact system that features the power of our proven histogram differential technology. Ideal for labs

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Not reading samples in WB mode

I've performed system mntc, valve cleaning,decons, and NOTHING works. Once sample is introduced to unit, it will read ONLY WBC/Hgb/HCT, and has a...

Medical lab technologist

what is the difference between open mode and capillary mode? My lab just got sysmex 4000i and I'm impressed at the very low volume it needs for the...

Need Help

Power on unit and fan and power LED power on but the motor(new) doesn't move


I power the unit on and the fan kicks on but the motor is not running. The LEDs light up for power and low stain, so the board is getting power.


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