Horiba ABX Pentra XL 80

A new way to manage your hematology workflow

HORIBA ABX Micros 60

   Impedance technology, photometry   Microsampling: Only 10 µL   Smart card based memory storage (optional)   No

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Mr Bakari

HiI have Abx micros 60 with problem is not booting I don't know what to do to get it fix and how or need parts anything please to help me to go it...

Abbott Diagnostics help

My cell dyn 1800 hematology analyzer displays empty diluent at start, then the fault indication LED light up. Although, there is free flow of...

error code

American proficiency institute samples does not have electronic dif. results with TI error code. 3 levels of QC run had no problem at all as well as...

american proficiency institute

5 samples has no electronic diff results with error code TI. Error code only happened on proficiency samples. Qc are all ok as well as all patient...

error code TI

API samples has no electronic diff results

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