Horiba ABX Pentra XL 80

A new way to manage your hematology workflow

HORIBA ABX Micros 60

   Impedance technology, photometry   Microsampling: Only 10 µL   Smart card based memory storage (optional)   No

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We are in the process of returning this machine after many years of use. We have a new machine. I would like to disinfect the old machine prior to...

Cell Dyn 1800 is stuck in Running mode

My cell dyn 1800 is stuck in "running mode". I'm unable to run the sample on the machine. Can you provide any possible trouble shooting...

Advia 2120 to detect non-haematological particles

My manager has got a crazy project idea about using the Advia to detect metal particles from salvaged blood in hip replacement operations. The idea...

command not accepted on telnet shell ???

Hi, I make connection on emerald by telnet on port 3000. Now i want to list a result of a patient by taping following command: analyse...

Cell-Dyn 1800 Diluent substitution

I need to know what is the difference between the Diluent for my old 1800 Cell-Dyn and a new Emerald machine. Can I use the Diluent for the Emerald...

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