Instrumentation Laboratory ACL 100

The IL ACL 100 Coagulation Analyzer is a fully automated system from Instrumentation Laboratory. This clot-end point analyzer makes use of the most

Instrumentation Laboratory ACL TOP 500 CTS

Introducing the latest advance in the ACL TOP Series—the ACL TOP 500 CTS, with closed tube sampling.

Instrumentation Laboratory ACL TOP CTS

Addressing the challenges of fast-paced hemostasis testing environments

Instrumentation Laboratory ACL TOP 700 LAS

Introducing the ACL TOP 700 LAS, the first instrument designed for automation of Hemostasis testing.

Sysmex CA-500 Series

The Sysmex® Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer CA-500 series is a compact fully-automated instrument capable of 5-parameter random analysis for In

Roche CoaguChek® XS Pro

Built-in QC and data management for POC anticoagulation testing

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Questions for Coagulation Analyzers

error photometrie systeme

when I try to start a Sta satellite a message of error apear (error photometrie systeme) and I am blocked in this step. what can I do. thanks. 

re: re: Error -Unable to depressurize the rinsing system

Need to know what to do about this, can not get support to answer or call back. Must be busy. "Unable to depressurize the rinsing system"...

inaccurate results

All tests results is 5.1 what can I do

output meter

my resut meter says 25,2sec  so do i report 2.5? how do i change it to say 2.5 or whatever -inr?

Sample error code?

We are trying to run a PTT and keep getting a code of <Mmin. Cannot locate a reference for codes in the Stago Satellite manual. Does anyone know...

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