Siemens Rapidlab 1200

Combines high volume testing with rapid turn around time, freeing up your staff for other critical care demands or tasks.

Siemens RAPIDPoint 500

Advance your critical care testing with easy-to-use, trusted technology

Siemens RAPIDPoint 400/405

Point-of-care efficiency with central lab accuracy

Siemens RAPIDPoint 340/350

Designed with simplicity, efficiency and value in mind

Siemens RAPIDLab 248/348

Efficiency and Value from Compact, Easy-to-Use Blood Gas Systems

Series Models: RAPIDLab 248, RAPIDLab 348

Roche cobas b 221

In critical-care testing every minute counts.

Roche cobas b 121

Also found In: , Electrolyte Analyzers

In critical-care testing every minute counts.

Instrumentation Laboratory GEM Premier 3000

The GEM Premier 3000 simplifies every aspect of whole blood testing while delivering fast, reliable results in the lab or at the point of care.

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A Complete Blood Count

Hi Does the i-Stat performs a CBC (Complete Blood Count)? Meaning a full RBC and WBC count with 5 differntial?  Thanks Amir amir...

OPTI CCA-TS software update

Dears, I have a problem in blood gas analyzer model OPTI CCA-TS,I got the software update by mail but I need to connect the analyzer to my...

Conducitivity cal. error

After many calibrations,show this message.Can you help me?

B121 Service manual

Please .I want this service  manual  , I have  a b121 with many  throubles..Or  send me a  picture  showing ...


Hi guys - New Technician here as the title suggests.  Tried calibrating the system several times; however, the gas calibration fails and...

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