Malvern Panalytical MicroCal PEAQ-DSC

Gold standard protein stability analysis for research applications

Series Models: Automated, Manual


Thanks to its modular design, the DSC 2 as part of the METTLER TOLEDO Thermal Analysis Excellence Line is the best choice for manual or automatic

TA Instruments TAM III

TAM represents an ultra-sensitive heat flow measurement which is complementary to TA Instruments differential scanning calorimeters. Based on the


OptiMax HFCal is a reaction calorimeter that generates calorimetric information under both isothermal as well as non-isothermal conditions

LECO Corporation AC500 Isoperibol Calorimeter

The AC500 determines calorific value, a key indicator of quality and value in solid and liquid fuels.

Thermo Scientific Flo-Cal

Flo-Cal* - High Speed Calorimeter

Series Models: Model 8000, Model 6000

Malvern Panalytical MicroCal ITC range

Determine the binding parameters of biomolecules in a single analysis

Series Models: MicroCal Auto-iTC200, MicroCal iTC200, MicroCal VP-ITC

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Technical Director

Can we run a simple polymerization heat of reaction.  If so where would we find operating instructions.  Thanks,   Joe...

Error Code

The instrument im working with ( DSC 822E/200) has stopped. On the display it says error 756. The program itself says it is a fatal error...

Fatal Error

Hi, we have problems with a DSC Module. When will try to connect the equipment to PC, the "Star" software showed the message "Fatal...

Sample purge flow wont reach 50ml/min

On standby, gas has been turned on but Sample purge flow wont reach 50ml/min. It hovers around 0.5ml/min. How do i get the sample purge flow to...

Green Hardlock

Searching for green hardlock key to install Ingres 2.6 SP5 software and STARe Software 9.20. Does anyone have this older hardlock key?

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