Leica Microsystems Digital Abbe Refractometer

Leica (Reichert Analytical Instruments) manufactured these bench-top Refractometers and they are specifically designed to combine consistency&

Sartorius Group Brixxus CRI 245 F

The Brixxus CRI 245 F is an automatic critical angle refractometer used to determine concentrations in a carrier medium. The highly precise

Sartorius Group Brixxus CRI 205 P and CRI 375 P

The Brixxus CRI 205 P and CRI 375 P are automatic critical angle refractometers used to determine concentrations in a carrier medium. Traditionally

Series Models: CRI205P, CRI375P

Sartorius Group Brixxus CRI Mini 1 and 2

The Brixxus Handheld Refractometer CRI Mini 1 and 2 are practical handheld refractometers used to determine substance concentrations in a carrier

Series Models: CRIMini1, CRIMini2

Anton Paar Abbemat MW Multiwavelengths Refractometer

The Abbemat MW digital refractometer enables quick and fully automatic measurements of the refractive index at different measuring wavelengths, e. g.

Anton Paar L-Rix 510/520 Inline Refractometer

Enjoy the simplicity of refractive index measurement without maintenance or adjustments

PCE Instruments PCE-DRC 1 Coolants / Batteries / Cleaners

PCE-DRC 1 is a handheld digital refractometer used to determine the specific gravity (sg) of electrolyte solution batteries as well as the freezing

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The touchscreen is not working on our machine. How does this get fixed?

broken cover

The plastic cover where you put the sample has broken, is it possible to get replacements?

Operations Manual

Is any one have a operations Manual for Rudolph Research J157 Automatic Refractometer. please contact me or email pdf to


price list for j357


Hello Sir, We are asking for the price of j357 automatic Refractometer, can your company help us. thanks

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