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Plas-Labs Basic Glove Box
Plas-Labs Basic Glove Box

These economical units are compact, portable, lightweight and self-contained. Units are very handy for isolating sensitive research studies from a hostile exterior environment.

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Coy Laboratory Products O2 Control Glove Boxes and Cabinets
Coy Laboratory Products O2 Control Glove Boxes and Cabinets

The importance oxygen levels play in various biological processes is increasingly significant to researchers. To study this requires consistent atmospheric control maintaining hypoxia, normoxia, hyperoxia, or anoxia to mimic physiological conditions

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Model BACTRONEZ, 13.7 Cu.Ft. (388 L) Anaerobic Chamber, 300 Plate Capacity

MTI Corporation VGB-7

Larger SS Glove Box with Automatic Humidity Purification System for Li-ion Battery Assembling

MTI Corporation VGB-5

Stainless Steel Glove Box with Automatic Humidity Purification System for Li-ion Battery Assembling

MTI Corporation EQ-VGB-3

Benchtop Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box with Airlock and vacuum Flange & Gauge

MTI Corporation EQ-VGB-2

Bench top Transparent Atmosphere Controlled GLOVE BOX with Air Locker

LC Technology Solutions LCLS

The LCLS series of laser welding glovebox systems are complete systems. The systems include gloveboxes that can maintain an inert atmosphere of less

Erlab Captair Pyramid

Lightweight, portable isolation chamber

Air Science USA Purair Flex

Portable, Cost Effective Flexible Film Isolator

NuAire LabGard NU-704 Class III Biological Safety Cabinet

Also found In: Biological Safety Cabinets ,

The NU-407, when used with proper technique, is an effective laboratory aid in obtaining the optimum control over product quality.

NuAire Pharmagard NTE797

Aseptic Containment Isolator

Series Models: NU-NTE797-400, NU-NTE797-600

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Operating manual for EQ-VGB-2

Hello,  I am Narendran, graduate student at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA. We have a EQ-VGB-2 UNIT from MTI. I need an...

troubleshooting Nuaire Hood Lift Stands

Does anybody have literature on the hydraulic lift stands for Nuaire BSCs and hoods?  I have one in the field that is not operating, making it...


Is the captair pyramid appropriate for chemo preparation? We would like to use it at our facility for mitomycin c and methotrexate. Thanks.

Missing user manual

Dear Sir, We are from Univesity of Malaya, in Malaysia. We have bought this glovebox through an agent here in Malaysia. The agent didn't...

Sterilization method

Hello, Our lab purchased this chamber about a year ago from Coy Lab and we're trying to sterilize/clean it to avoid contamination to our cell...

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