Innovative Technology PureLab HE Series

The PureLab HE Gas Purifiers provide a < 1ppm O2 and H2O Inert Atmosphere required for a multitude of air sensitive applications.

Series Models: HE 2GB, HE 3GB, HE 4GB 1800, HE 4GB 1950, HE 4GB 2500, PureLab HE 2-sided

Coy Laboratory Products Gloveless Anaerobic Chambers

Gloveless Anaerobic Chambers offer the operator a convenient glove-free ability to handle and inspect samples under low oxygen (0-5 ppm) conditions.

Series Models: Polycarbonate & Aluminum Box, Polymer Glove Box, Polymer Glove Box, Aluminum Glove

Coy Laboratory Products Humidity Control Chambers: Dry Glove Boxes

Coy Dry Glove Boxes control and maintain humidity levels below ambient conditions, achieving a humidity level of 5&#037 or lower.

Terra Universal BioSafe™ Stainless Steel Glove Box

Tempered glass or polycarbonate viewing windows allow full view of chamber.

Series Models: Single Model, Twin Model

Plas-Labs Basic Glove Box

Units are very handy for isolating sensitive research studies from a hostile exterior environment.

Series Models: 818-GB, 818-GBB

MBraun LABstar Workstation

The MBRAUN LABstar is a ready to operate workstation that includes a large main antechamber, vacuum pump and Siemens PLC touch screen display.

MBraun Modular Glove Boxes

The flexible modular standard design allows special customized system configurations.

MBraun Acrylic Workstation

The MB GB-2202 acrylic bench top glove box system is designed to meet your application needs.

Series Models: MB GB-2202-P-D, MB GB-2202-P-V, MB GB-2202-C-V

Labconco Precise Basic Glove Boxes

Precise Basic Glove Boxes are designed to provide a leak-tight physical barrier between the user and the materials inside the glove box.

Series Models: 5220000, 5220020, 5220021, 5220030, 5220031

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