CO2 incubators are mainly used for cell culture and provide control over factors such as temperature, CO2 for maintaining proper pH levels, and humidity, all of which affect cell growth. CO2 incubators are typically heated to 37°C and maintain 95% relative humidity and a CO2 level of 5 percent. LabWrench will introduce the three main C02 Incubator types in this independent guide to purchasing a C02 Incubator.

Thermo Scientific Cell Locker™

Individual chambers maximize security against costly cross contamination. Each Cell Locker has dual 0.2Μm membrane filters that permit air


The Next Generation of Incubator Technology

Series Models: MCO-170AICUV, MCO-170AICUVH


164 Liters cell culture CO2 incubator

PHCBi CellIQ CO2 Series

The Next Generation of Incubator Technology

PHCBi CytoGrow COMPACT Incubators

Panasonic CytoGROW Compact Series CO2 incubators offer precise CO2 and O2 control in a compact, space saving design allowing up to three models to be


The Next Generation of Incubator Technology

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CO48s-120 Low CO2

I have the older style 48S with green LED display instead of the Blue LCD.  The unit is set for 6% CO2 but will not get past 4%.  We went...

Service Manual

Can anyone supply a service manual for a Galaxy R+ 170 CO2 Incubator?

Hepa filter and decontamination

Can anyone provide me - or point me towards- a protocol for the decontamination (vaporized H2O2) of the Baker Cultivo Ultra Plus incubator? ...

New Brunswick Scientific CO-14

I would like to see the CO-14 operation manual  

O2 level is reading 11% but set point is at 20% and no N2 is hooked up

My incubator has O2 control (1-21%). I have it set at 20%; however, it is reading 11%. I don't even have the N2 tank hooked up, so I'm...

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