CO2 incubators are mainly used for cell culture and provide control over factors such as temperature, CO2 for maintaining proper pH levels, and humidity, all of which affect cell growth. CO2 incubators are typically heated to 37°C and maintain 95% relative humidity and a CO2 level of 5 percent. LabWrench will introduce the three main C02 Incubator types in this independent guide to purchasing a C02 Incubator.

Baker Cultivo™

Cultivo™ is a CO2 incubator designed to prevent contamination and condensation while giving you full control over variables critical to cell

Panasonic Cell IQ

The New Generation of Smart Incubators - A precision environment, optimized for your research needs.

Series Models: KM-CC17

Thermo Fisher Scientific Cell Locker™

Individual chambers maximize security against costly cross contamination. Each Cell Locker has dual 0.2Μm membrane filters that permit air

BioTek BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator

BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator links BioTek readers or imagers together with washers and dispensers for full workflow automation of up to 8 microplates.

NuAire In-Vitrocell ES NU-5810

In-VitroCell ES (Energy Saver) NU-5810 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator with Dual Sterilization Cycles.

NuAire In-VitroCell ES NU-5820 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator

NuAire Direct Heat CO2 Incubators provide a stable in-vivo growth model with heating elements located on all 6 sides of the chamber.

NuAire In-VitroCell ES NU-5831 Direct Heat Hypoxic CO2

NuAire Direct Heat CO2 Incubators provide a stable in-vivo growth model with heating elements located on all 6 sides of the chamber.

NuAire DHD AutoFlow 5510

DHD AutoFlow 5510 (NU-5510) CO2 Direct Heat Incubator with Decontamination Cycle

NuAire ES NU-8600

The InVitroCell™ ES (Energy Saver) model NU-8600 is a CO2 Incubator that uses heated water that surrounds the growth chamber to created uniform

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O2 level is reading 11% but set point is at 20% and no N2 is hooked up

My incubator has O2 control (1-21%). I have it set at 20%; however, it is reading 11%. I don't even have the N2 tank hooked up, so I'm...

No display on the screen

Hi,    We bought a HERA cell 150i CO2 incubator, Cat. No. 51026282, in 2010. Recently we found that there was no display (for...

C02 does not calibrate

CO2 level in the screen shows 5%, but when I read the CO2 levels with an external device it shows 9% (Temperature 37 C and 100 % Humidity), I...

O2 not calibrating

the o2 display shows 25.3% but the test meter shows 19%.I the o2 is set to 15% it will drain the nitrogen tank and still the display shows 25.3% and...

Calibration Galaxy 170L S (Biotech, New Brunswick)

I have a Co2 Incubator Galaxy 170L S (Biotech, New Brunswick) with an up, bown, enter and star button and two led displays which has failed the...

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