Fluidigm Corporation Callisto System

Introducing Callisto™, the industry-first platform that lets you design, optimize and execute multistage, long-term protocols with a few taps.

Hettich Plant Growth Chambers

Room For Growth

Series Models: PRC 600 WL, PRC 1200 WL, PRC 1200 SL, PRC 1700 WL, PRC 3200 WL

EPPENDORF I2500 incubator shaker

I2500 Series shakers are ideal for large-load requirements. This floor-mounted shaker accepts up to 6 L flasks, and features an easy-open lid. Model

Sartorius Group CERTOMAT BS-1

Also found In: Shakers ,

The stackable incubation shaker

Series Models: Incubating Shaker, Incubating/Cooling

So-Low General Purpose Laboratory Incubators

General purpose incubators deliver a degree of temperature uniformity usually found only in more expensive, application specific models. This high

Series Models: SMI2, SMI6, SMI7, SMI11, SMI12, SMI31, SMI39

Analytik Jena UVP Incubator

Precise temperature control and high temperature uniformity

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Questions for General Purpose Incubator

New Brunswick C25 Temp. Issues

We have a New Brunswick C25 Incubator Shaker. The temperature on the LED will continually read 38.7 degrees Celsius even when the temperature reaches...

Shaking incubator doesn't start

Our company has a Panasonic ORBI-SAFE shaking incubator. And there are some issues with it. When we turn it on, the main screen lights up, but...

can not set the temperature for the unit

This is an older model with 2 knobs to control the low & high limits. We longer have the user manuals and only the newer manuals are on-line.Need...

Safety and Control Thermostats

On my machine (series 25 incubator shaker) there are two knobs for temperature control. One is labeled 'safety thermostat' and the other is...

wiring schematic

anyone have a ladder diagram for the wiring? no power to the motor.

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