INFORS HT Unitron Plus AJ252

SS Shaker tray 850 x 470mm, 458 holes for clamps (not supplied),    Accomodates up to 13 x 2 litre flasks    Membrane keypad control of

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Questions for General Purpose Incubator

Control/safety thermostat

I am search of the control and safety thermostat part number/availability

Preventive Maintenance Interval

We use your equipment and would like to know the recommended preventive maintenance frequency. Model: 200A

Instructions to remove bearing assembly from New Brunswick G-25 shaker

Looking for guidance on removing the bearing housing (drive) from an old new Brunswick G-25 shaker.   Thanks!   -John

Lab-Line 3526 Cleaning Procedures

I am unable to find a product manual at the moment, and would like to know if the 3525/3526 orbital incubator has a filter built in to the forced air...

Fluorescent Lights

I'm troubleshooting a shaker and am trying to turn on the flourescent lights. I have replaced the bad bulbs, and the plug is plugged in, however...

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