PolyScience SR-6

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Questions for Polarimeters

Connection Anton Paar modular Circular Polarimeter with HPLC

To whom it may concern, We have recently bought a HPLC instrument from Waters and we would like to ask you if there is a possibility to connect...

Polarimeter for Pharmaceutical Lab

Hi, I want to buy polarimeter used in pharmaceutical lab. Please help to recommend any good polarimeter. Here is my email

intresting characters on the print out after battery exchange

Interesting characters appeare on the printout instead of the reading. Like chinees charaters, after we exchanged the Li battery. Any suggestion to...

Define Controls

There is a CVP / STD  option ; What exactly do these acronyms mean?

Na/10 replacement lamp for Jasco P-2000

Where can I order a replacement lamp for this instrument?  

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