Anton Paar MCP 5300/5500 Sucromat

MCP 5300/5500 Sucromat is an automatic saccharimeter for the highly accurate analysis of products in the sugar industry. The values are given in °Z

Anton Paar Automatic Process Polarimeter: Propol

The Propol process polarimeter is used as a polarimetric online or inline sensor for concentration measurement in the production of chiral compounds.

Anton Paar Inline Flow Cell

The Inline Flow Cell is directly installed in the production line. The Propol measuring unit is fixed on a mounting plate which can be flipped to the

Rudolph Research Analytical Autopol 880T & 880 PLUS

This is Rudolph’s latest and most advanced model. It was developed and tested in conjunction with labs testing pharmaceutical grade sugars.

Rudolph Research Analytical Saccharimeter Autopol 880

Recommended for the sugar industry, the Autopol 880 saccharimeter is a dual wavelength microprocessor based digital saccharimeter.

Rudolph Research Analytical Saccharimeter Autopol 589

The AUTOPOL 589 Series Automatic Digital Saccharimeter  The 589 saccharimeter from Rudolph Research Analytical provides the same features,

Rudolph Research Analytical Autopol IZ & II Z Saccharimeters

Digital Saccharimeters – The AUTOPOL IZ and IIZ Series    The IZ single wavelegth 589 nm saccharimeter and IIZ dual 589 nm and 880 nm wavelegth

Rudolph Research Analytical Autopol VII

High Accuracy Polarimeter with Industry Leading Automated Sample Loading.

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